10 of the Best Employee Perks Offered by Modern Employers

Employee benefits have always been an important part of a job package, but with the rise of contemporary start-ups and increasing competition among companies to attract the best talent, employee perks have become a excellent way for businesses to reward their staff and entice new employees.

In this post we’ll look at 10 of the best employee perks currently offered by employers in the UK and internationally.

  1. Huddle

Software company Huddle gives new employees an incredible £5,000 joining bonus – something they’ve affectionately termed a ‘Huddle Cuddle’. On top this, they also make a £500 annual gift to every team member.

  1. Airbnb

This quintessentially modern accommodation company offers employees $2000 to travel, letting them see the world at the companies’ expense.

  1. Opus Professional Services

This service-based business owns its own luxury villa in Italy, and allows employees to use it free of charge.

  1. ASOS

Many retail companies offer a staff discount, but ASOS gives employees 40% discount on their website, which they can use with no limits.

  1. Google

Google offers every employee free food while they’re at work, and have a huge variety of different cuisines available.

  1. Jive Software

Jive offers their staff free food and drink, including healthy snacks, coffee and even beer. They also run a ‘Bacon Thursday’ every week.

  1. Shade Station

This online eyewear retailer gives staff a discount on online purchases and arranges regular staff days out. One would imagine employees at this UK favourite are all kitted out in the latest Oliver Peoples or Tom Ford glasses!

  1. AutoTrader UK

The UK arm of AutoTrader has its own wine club, delivering wine to employees’ doors each and every month.

  1. TransferWise

One of my personal favourites, TransferWise takes all staff members away on all-expenses paid holidays every year.

  1. Allen & Overy

This company have their own on-site GP and dentist, giving employees free consultations and treatments.

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