13 Alternatives to PayPal

PayPal is a well-known and widely accepted online payment system, but it’s not the only one available. In fact, there are other payment platforms available that have some of the same functions as PayPal. For example, Google Wallet has an invoicing feature and allows credit card processing. This is just an example of how the different payment platforms have expanded beyond their more simplistic beginnings.

Below, check out the other alternatives to PayPal that you can use to help you better manage your money. You may find platforms that you want to use to make and receive payments or, if you are a merchant, you can add different payment options to your shopping cart.


Authorize.net is one of the oldest online payment systems. Established in 1996, it is a widely used gateway with hundreds of thousands of merchants using the service. This service has also won awards for customer excellence.


WePay is a strong alternative because of its intense fraud detection and excellent customer service. WePay makes it possible for customers to complete transactions on your website without having to leave it. This makes the website look and feel more professional to customers.


Skrill is the former Moneybookers and has some nice features, such as low fees. One unique feature is the ability to send SMS messages from your Skrill account. Overall, the platform is very simple and is ideal for international merchants, especially since Skrill has a prepaid debit card. Similar to PayPal’s Business Debit, the Skrill prepaid debit card gives the accountholder instant access to the money.


Ozan lets you keep all of your financial accounts in one place. Store your MasterCard, Visa, GiroPay, or other information in the app so you can easily send money domestically or internationally. You can also pay faster with one-click payments, which eliminates the need to enter your financial details every time you want to make a purchase. Because of the international capabilities, you can manage more than a dozen currencies. Ozan is fast and secure, it gives you many ways to manage your money, and sending or spending money doesn’t cost you more money.


Payza will let you transfer money to other people for free. There is a currency exchange function that can be carried out for a fee. When you have money in your account, you can easily transfer the balance to your bank account.


Intuit is a name that many people already know because the company has many services that help with financial management. Of those services is GoPayment, with its ability to process in-person and online payments. Intuit can also help with payroll, payroll tax calculations, and filing tax forms.


Of the alternatives that are closest to the PayPal platform, Dwolla does it all. However, it is also able to access ACH payments quickly. PayPal can take 48 to 72 hours for a bank transfer to complete. Dwolla can have the bank transfer processed in 24 hours. It can do this because of a unique and flexible API that accesses the Automated Clearing House much faster than other platforms.

White labeling is also available to merchants so they can place their own logos and business information on invoices as part of the suite of premium services. Branded capabilities include the sending and receiving of funds for free.


Venmo is as far from PayPal as you can get, despite being one of its subsidiaries. Venmo is more or less PayPal’s answer to the demands of those wanting a digital wallet. There’s a personal element since a person can very easily send cash to their contacts and comment on the transactions in a social media-like environment.

The con is the 3% fee that accompanies credit card transactions. The primary function of Venmo is to send money to people you know instead of having to meet up with them and/or write a check. Because of the fee, it’s not a platform you want to use for bill pay or transactions outside of personal contacts.


Just as you can process credit cards using PayPal, you can process them with ProPay using the credit card reader that plugs into your smartphone. You can send and receive money globally, add a shopping cart to your website, and set up recurring billing. Even eBay accepts ProPay.


Set up recurring billing, a shopping cart, carry out global transactions online, and accept credit cards with a Braintree account. Some of Braintree’s features are still rather basic, but the company has been advancing gradually since it was created in 2007.


Stripe is another well-known payment processing system. It is also one that has seen exponential growth. Stripe is the default processor for many websites, such as sites that sell online raffle tickets or subscriptions. Web developers love Stripe because of the ability to use the API to integrate a checkout system into their projects.

You also don’t have to remember when to withdraw money from the account or worry about doing it manually at all. Stripe will automatically transfer money to your bank account for you, so you don’t have to think about it.


Send money to anyone on the planet with this peer-to-peer payment system. Payoneer is one of the pioneers of the many online payment systems. You can also obtain a Payoneer prepaid MasterCard for instant access to your money.

The downside is that there are different fee levels based on how the service is used. Different actions can cost anywhere from free to more than $2.

The Bottom Line

PayPal doesn’t have to be the only online payment system you use. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to have more than one system in your arsenal of options since you never know when you will encounter a website using a different platform. Understanding how each works and knowing the functions that can benefit you can enhance your online shopping experience. As a merchant, you can offer customers different payment options because not everyone has a PayPal or Google Wallet account. Giving people a choice puts another notch in your customer service belt.

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