4 Ways to Make Your Business More Brandable

With an unprecedented number of entrepreneurs on the market, it can be easy to get lost in the noise. This is why strong branding is such an essential part of making your business stand out from the competition.

Brand recognition creates customer loyalty which of course leads to consistent sales numbers. However, in order to have more people recognize your brand, you need fertile soil from which your brand can grow.

Improve your visibility

Good visibility is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. After all, nobody will recognize your brand if they don’t know where to find it.

In light of this, it’s important to build an online presence across different social media platforms. This will enable you to target audiences that are most likely to engage with your business.

Moreover, since we live in the digital age, you will need to build a website for potential customers to visit that will serve as your online storefront. Already have a website? Great! Start working on your SEO to boost the organic visibility you get from search engines.

Cultivate trust

As the old saying goes, “the customer is always right”. While this is certainly not always the case, the message this saying puts forward is a good one: place a high value on customer satisfaction.

Building trust with your customers should be a high priority for any business that wants to improve their branding. Here are just a few of the many ways you can increase customer loyalty:

  • Regularly communicate with customers (start a newsletter or blog, answer emails and reviews, be active on social media etc.)
  • Add positive testimonials to your website
  • Promptly address customer concerns
  • Maintain an air of authenticity
  • Make sure your branding is consistent

Brand your packaging

Many businesses that operate online completely overlook the importance of branded ecommerce packaging. Think about it, the first thing a customer sees when they receive one of your products is the packaging it’s contained in.

If you want to be as brandable as possible, however, you need to go the extra mile. Think about ways that you can make your product packaging unique, such as handwritten notes, ribbons, creative designs and use of color, etc.

Build relationships with influencers

Building relationships with influencers in your line of business can do wonders for your brand credibility. Find online personalities, bloggers or vloggers that have closely aligned values and reach out to them for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Not only will the right influencer boost your authenticity in the minds of consumers, it will help you reach an even larger audience and increase your growth potential. Good places to start searching for influencers are YouTube and Instagram.

Conclusion (and bonus tip)

To quickly recap, you can make your business more brandable with a combination of visibility, trust, aesthetic and influence. Master these four points and your brand image will be forever stuck within the minds of consumers that cross your path.

Bonus tip: have a sense of humor. Making people laugh is a sure-fire way to be memorable.

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