Classic Logistics Mistakes You Must Avoid

There’s a quick way to lose money, annoy customers and cause your business a whole heap of trouble – don’t take logistics seriously. If you want to succeed you need to put a robust logistics plan in place that will help you to become the capable and effectual company you are striving to be. There are a few common logistics mistakes that companies make time and time again, learn to swerve them and you will have a head-start on your competitors.

Poor Packaging

When a customer receives their goods, they get a first impression of their purchase by the appearance of the packaging. Even if the item you have sent is top-quality the customer is likely to have doubts and feel let down if the packaging is damaged. By all means find a cheap pallet delivery service to provide your customer with their item, but make sure you package the goods exceptionally well before they leave your door.

Choosing the Wrong Freight Company

“Reliability” is the key word here, you need to know the company you choose can deliver your goods securely, in good condition, and in a timely manner. Do your research, reputation certainly counts for something and it’s a good idea to look into a handful of companies so you can see what’s available before you make a choice. You might find prices vary and strike lucky by finding an inexpensive pallet delivery service as you shop around. It’s always important to read through a contract and check terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line. Don’t get tied into a contract that you are not happy with.

Ignoring returns or complaints

Had a flurry of returns? Don’t just put them in a pile in the corner, take time to investigate the problem (if there is one) and analyse if there is anything you can do to reduce the number of items being sent back to you. Is there an issue with quality or have the wrong goods been sent? Perhaps there’s an issue with the packaging or the goods arrived too late. You need to pick up any issues with the relevant party to ensure things improve, so if you are finding that goods are being damaged in transit you need to speak to your delivery company.

Just because you managed to find a cheap delivery company it doesn’t mean you should expect anything less than a quality service from them. Always follow up complaints and apologise if there has been an error, customer satisfaction is essential, make sure you keep yours happy and they might just come back and buy more.

Lack of Planning

Things don’t often “come together on their own” in business! If you want to get goods produced and out of the door you need to have a logistics plan that works.

“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” Confucius

Trouble is not something you want when you are trying to make a success of your business!

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