Cyberlaws Designed to Protect Your Business

Turn the clock back some 20 years, and cyberlaw didn’t really exist. Today, however, everything seems to involve legalities surrounding the internet and online companies. The movie and record industry has been hard hit as well, due to copyright infringement, piracy, and lost intellectual property. In fact, it is their industry that has changed cyberlaws so much, giving rise to the need for professionals like Matt Knouff, who have an in-depth legal understanding.

Who Is Affected?

All types of industries are affected by cybercrime. The movie and music industry are clear victims, and they seem to be struggling significantly in terms of finding ways to stop this. Various laws have been created to stop piracy, and streaming websites are regularly shut down. But as soon as one is shut down, a new one seems to appear again.

Then, there are software companies. They have developed applications and other tools to make the sharing of information easier. The result is, however, that their work is being used to engage in illegal activities such as sharing pirated music.

The entertainment industry is particularly hard hit. In 2010, the new Harry Potter movie was stolen some four days before its original release, costing Warner Bros. millions. The result of this is also that production companies are investing less in the making of their movies, because they can no longer see a real return on investment. And because of this, the general public suffers because they can no longer get high quality movies.

This is just one element of cyberlaws, however. Another key element is that of eDiscovery, which is also an area of focus for Matthew F Knouff. Specifically, businesses have found themselves having to be accountable for all their electronic communication and data. In cases of litigation, they must be able to present proof that they did – or didn’t – send certain pieces of information. They must also be able to demonstrate that this data has not been tampered with in any way. The result of this is that they must develop systems that store their electronic communication in such a way that it is easy to search through keywords and easy to receive, while only being searchable and shareable by the people with the right credentials. This is done through proper email archiving solutions.

The Need for Regulations and Laws

Whenever the world starts to use something en masse, it is important that laws and regulations are put in place to protect both businesses and individuals. Hence, while some people feel that it is just another piece of complex litigation, the reality is that this litigation is there to protect them and to keep them safe. Lawsuits happen, for a variety of different reasons, and parties within those lawsuits must be able to prove what they said and when, and who it was said by. This is what eDiscovery rules and laws make possible. People like Matthew Knouff are working very hard at developing methods to simplify this, so everyone can be compliant.

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