How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

I absolutely love social media and, like for many others, it was something that began as just a way of keeping in touch with friends and it has turned into something far different. One of my favorite social media channels is Instagram and I use it for both my business and for my personal use. Around 2 years ago I was having a great deal of difficulty in growing the numbers of followers that I had on my business page. I was telling my problem to my old college roomie Abhishek Gattani and he offered to help me out. Since that fateful meeting I have incrementally grown my followers on my business and the bottom line is looking good. If you want to grow how many followers you have on Instagram, for business or personal use, here are some tips on doing so.

Content, Content, Content

The first step is to make sure that your content right across your page is all of high quality, when people check out your page whilst thinking about following, these images and videos will make up their mind. You also need to spend a great deal of time on creating new content and making sure that you maintain a very high level of value with each piece.

Sharing the Love

Instagram is a community and you cannot expect to have people follow you if you are not prepared to get involved in the community. Positively commenting on the content of others is a great way to attract more followers to your page and you also should look to get involved in popular conversations. With a small search on Instagram, you can find hot topics being fervently debated and if you are able to add something funny or insightful, you can expose yourself to many people.


Something which makes a lot of sense for business owners is to add geotags to their content when they upload it. Unless you are a global giant, it is likely that your business stays local and a geotag will let everyone know exactly where you are. Instagram has the feature where you can search for hashtag places and your demographic will be far more interested in seeing you on their feed if they know that you’re close.


Many people think that hashtags are no longer relevant but I don’t think that this could be any further from the truth. Hashtags are fantastic because they aggregate a number of topics and turn the social media site into something of a live news broadcast around the world. If you are able to utilize hashtags property and use those which are the most popular or of the hottest topic, you will find that your content is seen by a wider audience which will ultimately attract more followers to your page.

Behind all of this, really does come content and I cannot stress enough how creative and focussed you must be when it comes to producing something.

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