How B2B and B2C Companies are Discovering Success through Marketing Automation

The majority, 79 percent, of top performing businesses have been using marketing automation for at least two years, according to a Marketing Automation Benchmark report released in 2013.

The stats are there for all to see; B2B marketing companies that implement marketing automation are increasing their sales-pipeline contribution by at least 10 percent, and B2C marketers who use marketing automation software have conversion rates of as high as 50%. When interviewed, 79 percent of CMOs at top performing companies said that automation helps them increase revenues and 76 percent said it helps in getting quality leads.

For B2B companies, anonymous web visitor tracking and email automation features are invaluable because they give you the potential to convert practically every single lead that stops by your website. Traditionally, B2B companies rely on a sales team to sell items to their customer base. This isn’t simple; you have to hire the best salespersons available, train them and keep them motivated throughout which can be very expensive. It is therefore very important that you be able to identify and convert all the essential leads. Marketing automation can help B2B marketers identify and convert more leads with greater ease.

B2C companies are almost similar to their B2B counterparts regarding tactics, except that B2C companies put greater emphasis on lead segmentation. B2C companies, because they deal in much smaller revenue transactions, will do all they can to forego the sales team and work directly with web shopping carts. So basically these marketers need targeted communication and better customer segmentation; both of which can be achieved with marketing automation.

5 features of Successful Marketing Automation
Increased Lead Generation

The main benefit of marketing automation lies not in the ability to capture more leads, but in the increased chances of converting these leads into sales. With marketing automation software, you can track the behaviors of leads, identify their interests, nurture these interests, and determine when they are ready to make a purchase. This way you won’t have to goad consumers into buying when they aren’t ready to do so. Instead, you’re giving them what they want.

Integration With Other Marketing Tools
Integration is another key strength of marketing automation software. For example, you can integrate your marketing automation software with your regular email program such as Gmail to enable you to monitor how the messages are flowing in. Or you can integrate the software with your CRM program to help with tracking of leads and customer data.
Targeted Engagement

Through lead scoring you can now grade a lead based on specific actions and behaviors. For example, entering an email address on a form may earn 1 point and visiting a specific page can be worth 10 points. When leads are scored like this, you can always separate “hot leads” from ordinary leads allowing you to allocate more time and resources to more promising leads.

Quality Insights

Insights are derived from data tracking and analysis. Marketing automation software can monitor a web visitor’s interaction with content on the site and analyze this data to determine the visitor’s specific interests in the brand and what products and services they are interested in.

Personal Connections

Unlike current Email Service Provider (ESP) services which automatically send the same email to all the leads in a group, marketing automation software sends personalized targeted messages. If the customer is visiting the website for the first time, for example; instead of sending a generic newsletter two months later, you can now send that visitor educational content on particular products or services in the subsequent hour or so.

Of course there is still a long way to go, but there is no secret that both B2B and B2C marketers are enjoying the capabilities of marketing automation.

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