How Job Hunting Has Changed in the Past 20 Years

In the past 2 decades many things changed in the job hunting process. Arguably the biggest reason has been the widespread availability of wireless internet service. While some aspects of securing employment will never change, it’s vital to be aware of the tools employers and job seekers have started to use in recent years to get better results. The following are just a few of the biggest changes to job hunting today in comparison to 20 years ago.

Tailor-Made Resumes Are a Must
The days of a one-size-fits-all resume are long gone. Employers today expect a good resume to contain only the most pertinent job experience and details for the position being filled. A few decades ago job seekers could get by on creating one resume to be reviewed for any position, but in today’s competitive marketplace, it has become essential to create a new resume for each different job.

The Internet Killed the Newspaper Ad
With the advent of websites such as Craigslist or, finding a particular line of employment has become easier than ever. Newspaper advertisements for job openings cost businesses money while it’s often completely free to post job openings online. While some employers may still stick to old-fashioned help wanted ads in the local newspaper, utilizing online resources often produces much better results. 

Also, individuals seeking work would like to find employment that accommodates their skill sets and work schedules. Job search websites allow users to easily filter jobs by description, location and even compensation, saving time for everyone.

Online Applications Have Become the Norm
If you were to ask an older individual about how to go about finding a job they might say “Dress in your Sunday best, walk into the place, and ask if they’re hiring.”

Today, many big businesses have to handle an enormous quantity of applications and organizing these applications is much less daunting when collected through a consistent, online system. In fact, many resumes and applications are not even read by a real person initially. Instead, a computer program can scan applications for keywords that correlate best to the job position.

Social Media Makes Networking Easier Than Ever
Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook make it easy to connect with individuals from across the world which has completely changed the way business networking is done. Finding friends of friends who may be a potentially valuable client or employer can be done with a click of the mouse. 

Google and LinkedIn Profiles Let Employers Find You
Job seekers can now take advantage of Google and LinkedIn profiles to further expand networking contacts and convey your personal brand to anyone who may be looking. Potential employers will often perform a Google search or view your LinkedIn profile after receiving your application in order to learn more about your professional experience and lifestyle. In some cases you may find yourself being contacted by employers directly simply because of the information found on these profile pages.

Tech-Savvy People are in High Demand
As more companies move into online platforms, the need for employees who are familiar with technology has never been greater. Of course strong social skills, dependability and motivation are still fantastic attributes to have in any workplace, but without knowledge of the ever-evolving digital age, many job seekers may find themselves having trouble receiving call backs or interviews.

Although job hunting has changed in the past 20 years, many of the old rules still apply today. It’s always going to be important to dress well for interviews, shake hands upon greeting an employer and prepare to answer questions that will convince a prospective boss that you’re the one for the job.

Luckily, with the help of Internet resources, finding suitable employment opportunities for any profession can be successfully done from the comfort of the home computer. Taking advantage of these tools can often be the single most important factor when it comes to landing that dream job.

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