The Impact to UK Employment Law Post Brexit

It’s 2018 and the UK is still unsure what the impacts of Brexit will entail, the country went into a state of panic last year as the shock decision to leave the European Union occurred. Any attempt to answer questions toward the future of the UK has only led to more questions, we can only hope that someone at the top level is strategically planning the countries safety. Although, in late November 2017, Theresa May the newly pointed prime minister told the Sunday Times that “Brexit keeps me awake at night” which is likely the case with the 16 million people who voted to remain also.

In the political world, it may be the current case that parliament is taking on each new challenge as it presents itself, but how does this work for employment law? May has reassured the country that UK law isn’t being scrapped and started from scratch, however, this hasn’t avoided Conservative MP’s telling law firms to create a list of rules and regulations that they can reject or reform post-Brexit.

The future sounds terrifying for the country, the idea that business might be able to abolish workers’ rights overnight. But what can be abolished? A lot of the key laws that the UK is worried about actually pre-date the UK’s membership in the E.U. and the U.K. laws are some of the most generous in Europe.

The UK’s maternity leave and pay laws, for example, are some of the most lucrative in the world. Regarding other laws in the UK, it’s hard to picture the country abolishing discrimination rights as one of the most diverse countries in the world. What is more likely to happen is an introduction to discrimination compensation, similar to unfair dismissal compensation. it’s not likely that large companies are going to use employment solicitors draft bulk settlement agreements in the anticipation of Brexit, but without any clear answers, most can speculate on the subject.

The opinions around employment law are hot and cold, the subject has strong thoughts to back up both sides, but employment lawyers in Manchester are asking the sceptics to be sensible, as it makes no true sense to terminate all of these laws. Sceptics have their name for a reason though, there are no clear answers and most will speculate on the worst-case scenario to become prepared.

If the Supreme Court rules now that article 50 has been triggered, all this theory could prove to be fruitless. So far, all the country has seen is that we are still in a state of limbo and a lot of theories and opinions are being thrown around and no real answers to back anything up.

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