The importance of having great security if using cloud computing

If a business if using cloud computing to store all kinds of data that is to be shared among its employees then it´s extremely important the cloud security is used.  Having all your files online is excellent for employees to use remotely but it can also pose a security risk if the files are not protected and activity is not reviewed regularly.  Take a look at just some of the things you can do with a platform that secures your cloud data:

Record user activity

User activity is an important to monitor when using a cloud because you can see who is accessing what and discover if they have been looking at files or data they shouldn`t be and report a security breach.  In some cases an employee may have been given access they shouldn’t have and looking at user activity through the use of cloud security can enable you to see this and limit their access, or in some cases you will need to question them as to exactly what they were doing looking at the documents they shouldn’t have been.  It can be a great way to catch out any employees committing offences within the company and address it however you see fit.

Create alerts

With cloud security you can create alerts which alert you to someone accessing a file they shouldn`t be and take action accordingly, as mentioned above.  This is great as it enables you to continue your day as normal and catch people out without actually having to review all of the user activity yourself.  Creating the alerts can be completely customized so you can group your employees into employee groups, each group has its permitted areas as to which do not generate alerts and if they venture into an area of data which they are not permitted, an alert is triggered.  In some ways this is better than actually blocking access to files as it offers you the ability to filter out employees up to no good and fire them before they commit other offenses in the workplace.

Virus threats

In some cases, a virus may be placed into your cloud which can be very harmful to a business.  Using cloud security can eliminate this risk by identifying the risk and also pinpointing exactly where the virus was placed onto the cloud.  Doing so can identify if it was by accident and take actions to prevent it from happening again or if it was on purpose.  Viruses can cause all kinds of problems such as stopping the company running as it should or accessing data that is confidential.  Just like a virus on your home computer can be harmful, on the cloud it can be extremely harmful.


So, take the first step to securing your business and being extra vigilant by getting yourself cloud security before something occurs and it´s too late.  There are many stories online of companies which haven’t taken the precaution of using a security platform and have suffered greatly as a company, in some cases it has actually ruined the company.

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