Why Instagram Makes For The Perfect Marketing Tool

Everyone knows the power that social media can have from a marketing standpoint, a way in which you can promote your business to millions of people in the click of a button. Social media works for all levels of business and whether you plan on using it for free, or spending some money on your social media marketing, you can get some great results. In recent years however I have seen so many businesses who have completely overlooked the power of Instagram and how important a marketing tool this can be for businesses. If you were in any doubt as to just why Instagram can be so effective, here are some reason why you need to include it in your marketing strategy.




There are many ways in which you can invest money into Instagram in order to grow your profile and support your marketing efforts. You can pay directly to Instagram for paid ads which will ensure that your marketing content hits screens of your target customers. You could also invest in buying Instagram followers as well as automatic Instagram likes which can significantly boost your profile, and how much people engage with you and respect you.




Instagram is super powerful because it is completely visual, this has been shown to be the most powerful form of marketing out there and people are far more prepared to watch a quick video or view a photo, than reading an article or clicking a link. Naturally you will need to be creative with your content but as long as you can do that, you can be sure that you are pitching to an audience that cares.


The Numbers


In the US alone, over 2 billion minutes of user time is spent on Instagram and the social media site is second only to Facebook in terms of its popularity. This means a lot of customers just waiting to learn about who you are. The beauty of Instagram when compared to Facebook is that every post hits the news feed of your followers whereas Facebook tailor the news feed of its users to try to make it more relevant, 100% reach is what you can expect on Instagram.




Google recently announced that mobile internet usage has now taken over from desktop and given that Instagram is designed with mobile usage in mind, this gives you a great place to market yourself. Just think about how many people you see each day flicking through their smartphones and tablets, construct a smart marketing plan and they could be spending that time looking at your ads.


Social media marketing is absolutely crucial to your online marketing campaign and whatever you do, you mustn’t forget the power which Instagram has. Use this channel in the right way and you can count on a great deal of success from your campaign, and a fantastic return on your investment.


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