John Bradberry Charlotte NC – Reducing Shrinkage in Your Store, How to Get It Done

If you are a small business owner then you need to be concentrating on every cent that comes in and goes out of your business. Despite meeting so many people through my line of work who focus wholeheartedly on their bottom line, it always surprises me how few of them focus on shrinkage within their business.

Shrinkage is unknown loss in the business and in the main this can be put down to theft, poor practice or damage. Within this, I work mostly in helping business owners reduce theft and stopping them from being exposed to shoplifters. Recently I have been working with John Bradberry Charlotte NC resident and security expert on some stores in a shopping center in Charlotte, helping small business owners to focus on shrink and protect their stock.

Training Your Staff

One of your best weapons against theft is the service which your staff can offer the customers as they are walking through the door. The reason why this is so effective is because thieves do not want to be bothered, especially not by a smiling face asking them what they need. Staff should also be ever-present on the shop floor and be vigilant throughout their shift for anyone who looks out of place or indeed as though they are up to something.

Targeted Protection

Understanding what goods are being taken from the business is massively important and you can use stock counts to highlight what it is that is going missing. Throughout this process, you will be able to be far more effective at targeting at risk products in your store and finding ways of making them less exposed for shoplifters.

Product Protection

If you sell high value items then you should have processes in play each day that have staff checking the product protection and ensuring that everything has stickers and alarms on it. You should also be regularly moving the products in your store about and removing the possibility of blind spots within your store which will invite thieves to go about their business in peace.

Investing in Security

Investing in security cameras and security staff for your store amy cost you a bit of money up front but in the long run it could sea you a great deal of money and it is well worth doing. Not only do methods such as these deter shoplifting, they can also help you to catch a shoplifter in the act. Very often small stores are targeted by the same thieves and catching them could cut down the shoplifting altogether.

Neighbourhood Watch

If you are on a high street or in a shopping center then you should be working with your neighbours to ensure that the area is trying its best on the whole, to reduce theft. Sharing information is vital to everyone being on the look out and you should be working as a team to eradicate theft from your stores.

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