Jonathan Bunge Chicago – The Potential Aftereffects of Breaking The Law

Nobody is above the law and if you are content with breaking it, this will lead you to receive firm punishment that could drastically alter your quality of life. Just last week I was chatting to my friend Jonathan Bunge Chicago-based attorney about the rise of crime amongst first time offenders and it is usually the crimes which are perceived as less significant that people choose to break.

In truth the law is in place for a reason and regardless of how small or large you think that a crime is, if it is illegal, it is a big deal. Breaking the law makes absolutely no sense and if you are found guilty of doing so, here are some of the consequences that you can expect.

Potential Jail Time

Many people think that if it is your first time committing a crime that you will be spared jail time and whilst this can happen, it is by no means a certainty. For this reason you should always look to observe the law as jail time is not something that anyone wants to experience. When you are in jail you are told when to do everything, when to eat, when to sleep, when to wake up, when to wash and when you can speak to people. Not only is time in prison out of your control, it can be highly dangerous and most importantly you will be taken away from your friends, and your loved ones.

The Possibility of Financial Ruin

Even if you are not required to go to jail, breaking the law can have huge financial implications and throughout history, breaking the law has left many people financially destitute. It is not only the fines that you may need to pay for breaking the law but also attorney’s fees and other legal costs which you will need to shell out for. Many people do not have the money to pay for their crime and this can have a huge impact throughout their lives as they need to constantly be paying for their previous misdemeanors. There is a very real financial implication which you need to consider if you break the law.

Personal Issues

It is not uncommon for convicted criminals to face problems in their personal life that could lead to the loss of relationships such as partners and family members. Equally, life can be made more difficult if you lose your job because of your crimes and you will find it incredibly difficult to find work as someone who has been previously convicted of a felony. Many people can slip into depression or be highly stressed after committing a crime because of the resulting fallout and it can have deeply grave consequences on your quality of life.

Breaking the law is simply not worth it, no matter how big or small your crime is and you could face punishments that completely destroy the life that you have.

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