Larry Polhill Cafe Valley – What Skills Do The Very Best CEOs Possess?


If you check out the list of the richest people in the world that Forbes magazine puts together each year, you will see that the large amount of the people in there are CEOs of some of the world’s most influential companies. Becoming a CEO like Larry Polhill, is a dream which many people have. This is a lofty career ambition indeed, and even to become the President or Director of a company is difficult to achieve. I spend a lot of time with young students trying to help them select a career as part of my work with the SEC and the APFC, investors in the future of young minds and trying to give them securities that they can one day achieve greatness. If you are looking for an ambitious career like a CEO, here are the skills which you’ll need.

Vision For The Future

CEOs must be able to constantly look to the future with regards to how they conduct business and it is this vision which often sets these people apart from others who dream of having a position such as this. Whilst the present day activities are most definitely important in this role, it is the ability to look to and prepare for the future that really sets CEOs apart.

All Out Dedication

Anyone who is not committed to achieving a role such as becoming a CEO will not even get close and if you do have dreams of one day achieving this kind of position, you must be completely committed. This means making sacrifices, putting in 110% commitment at every opportunity and allowing the business world an your company to take over your life.

Team Work

CEOs may be the heads of companies and corporations but they must play their role in the team dynamic to gain the position in the first place, and successfully keep their role once they achieve CEO status. Without team work, there is no CEO on that rich list who would be able to gain the success that they have.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are key for this position and in order to land your message and gain respect, you must be able to speak comfortably with a wide range of people and ensure that they understand you. By the same token, listening is also a skill which is required from a CEO, they must listen to their board of directors and be able to take good advice when they hear it.

Results Driven

Ultimately, Chief Executive Officers must be results driven and be able to consistently deliver high results throughout their career. Results are a key factor in attaining this role to begin with and then they become even more important once someone takes the role. Without being results orientated, you will never be able to achieve such a coveted role as the CEO of a company.

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