The Latest Trends in US Fantasy Sports You should Know about

Fantasy sports is something that many people are still ignorant about. On the other hand, fantasy sports is also a great past-time which more and more people are getting to know – and their reactions are very positive. As a matter of fact, the popularity or phenomenon is growing so large that there’s a definite trend taking shape – in the US, but also elsewhere.

Are you interested in fantasy sports and what the future holds? Here are the latest trends in US fantasy sports you should know about.

What’s fantasy sport, anyway?

If you’ve never heard of them, you should be forgiven – rest assured you will soon. In essence, it’s all about creating a team (based on real players and real statistics), and having it play in a virtual environment against another fantasy team. A computer algorithm allows the game to take shape and you can watch – and play the game – in real time.

The trends

There are some real trends going on in the world of fantasy games; here are some of the highlights:

  • In the US, about 20% of the entire population plays fantasy games.

  • More and more people are playing, but they do so exclusively.

  • Consumer spending (fantasy sports) has risen dramatically, from $15 to $257 on the average per player in just 3 years.

  • Women play more and more, in larger numbers.

  • More and more players are becoming mobile.

More women in the game

The fact that more women join fantasy sports can only mean a positive development; the once-male dominated world is sure to improve when it comes to platforms and games offered.

The challenges

While the market is ready, providers will have to meet the demand of comfortable and convenient gaming – more mobile platforms need to be developed.

Going mobile

Fantasy players report that they opt to use computers less and less for gaming. However, there is good news: more and more venture capitalists, leagues, and other interest groups are throwing more money at it, making sure the industry will become more exciting in the years to come.

The industry was very small just a few years ago, but it has seriously grown, and about a year ago the common player spent around $257 on the average. Considering the amount of expenditure of the average player just a few years ago, that’s a great improvement. Furthermore, more and more providers are working hard on creating new and innovative content and bringing more convenient platforms to the market. It’s a trend that’s not going to slow down soon; the investments are truly large. Fantasy sports is here to stay, and it’s sure to capture the hearts of a wider market someday soon.

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