Make Your Business Seem Bigger

If you’re a small or person venture, then making your business seem bigger is a vital step in securing trust from potential clients. Take a look at these tips to beef your business up and gain bigger and better clients.

Job Title

Giving yourself an executive title will instantly make you and your company seem bigger and more important than it might actually be. Something like ‘Founder and CEO’ is much more impressive than ‘Copywriter’ or ‘Lawyer’, for instance.


When you have a receptionist, it makes you seem important. If your partner answers the phone, it might leave an impression that you might not want. However, you can pay a monthly fee for a virtual receptionist if you can’t afford to hire a real one. They will answer your calls professionally and then notify you via email.


Your website is your face to the world, so it needs to be really good and make the right impression. Invest in your website so it reflects your business, looks great, has high quality images and reads well. If you don’t have a very big budget, then seek out people to do a ‘skill swap’ with. They design you a website, and you’ll do their accounts, for instance.

Virtual office

A virtual office is great if you can’t afford a proper one. It gives you an address, which instils confidence in clients and gives you somewhere to have mail directed. Choose one in a big city, like the Executive Offices Group in London, for a really prestigious address. They will usually come with meeting rooms for hire, so you can use them when you need somewhere to have a meeting with a client. They sometimes also have the services of a virtual receptionist or a telephone answering service too.


Getting seen in important places will make you seem like a bigger business too. Whether you choose to do it person through public speaking (though often you’ll need a big budget for that) or simply through contributions to leading industry websites, it pays to be seen, and these are easy ways to do it.

Social Media

In this day and age, every man and his dog (and cat) has a social media account, so it is essential that your business has one too. You should at least have a Facebook and a Twitter account that is regularly updated with relevant industry news and items surrounding your business. However, social media is an entire job on its own, so check out Social Media Examiner for helpful tips.

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