How much can You Really Claim for an Injury at Work? Compensation Amounts Revealed

If you have suffered from an accident at work and would like to have a better idea of the amount of compensation you can receive, what you should know first is this: the amount of your compensation will often depend on the severity of your injury, its location, and how your injury has affected your quality of life.

There are other factors that can contribute to the determination of your compensation amount and your accident at work claim, but the above ones are the most commonly-considered. Here’s a list of the compensation amount you may receive based on where the injury is located, its severity, and more.

An injury to the Achilles heel and ankle

If you have suffered an injury to your Achilles heel where the muscle is severed or damaged and which has caused restrictions on movement, you may be entitled to about £5000 – 30,000 in compensation. For an ankle injury such as dislocation, disfigurement, deformation, or which requires an operation, such as a broken or sprained ankle, you may be entitled to compensation between £10,000 to 50,000.

An injury to the arm

Extremely serious arm injuries such as the amputation of the arm, whether complete or partial, can entitle you to compensation amounts between £70,000 to 220,000. Other arm injuries which result in a disability or restriction of movement can give compensation between £30,000 to 99,000. Mild arm injuries which result in a temporary restriction of movement and an outlook of a full recovery can give you compensation from £4000 to 30,000.

An injury to the back

Back injuries which result in paralysis can offer compensation amounts from £29,000 to 120,000, whilst moderate back injuries resulting in pain or debility to the soft tissue or ligaments can bring compensation between £8000 to 30,000. An injury such as a slipped disc or pain on the muscle can also bring compensation between £300 to 9000, depending on the injury’s severity. If you suffer from back pain contact for more information.

An injury to the eye

For permanent loss of vision for both eyes or the loss of both eyes, compensation can be between £80,000 to 200,000. For injuries resulting in restricted vision to one eye, or a loss of sight to a single eye, compensation can be between £7000 to 49,000. For eye pain or problems with vision as well as temporary loss of sight in one eye, compensation amounts can range from £1500 to 7000.

Of course, other injuries such as head injuries at work can result in a higher head injury at work compensation; it also depends on the help you can get from a good solicitor and how much evidence you can provide.

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