Why You Need To Start Investing in Bitcoins

For just over 2 years now I have been investing with the guys at Prescott Regency in cryptocurrency and in the main, Bitcoin. Now, I am aware that this cryptocurrency thing is a new concept for many and if you fall into this bracket you should start getting some education on what this new, digital currency is, and how you can make big money from it. I have done pretty well in the last few years through my investment in Bitcoin and I am confident that the other currencies which I have invested in will follow suit. If you aren’t sure, here are just a few reason why you need to invest in Bitcoin.

Evidence and Predictions

Bitcoin was the very first digital currency that came into existence and it used to cost a couple of dollars per Bitcoin. Over the years however, the people who thought that it was a passing phase or a flawed idea, have come around to the notion that cryptocurrencies will change the way in which we use money and the price has risen. The price hit an all time high this year of $5000 which is serious money and further evidence that this is an idea which carries weight.

The people who correctly predicted that Bitcoins would be worth $5000 have also gone a step further and suggested that it could go as high as $100,000 in ten years.

Wider Acceptance

It is not just people trading with Bitcoin who are interested in the digital currency and there are many online retailers and even governments such as in Japan, which are now accepting Bitcoin. The fact that ether is now wider acceptance for this form of currency is further proof that it demand is rising and this means that if you have Bitcoins, people will want them and the prices will rise.


We already know that there are only 21 million Bitcoins which can be in existence and at the moment, just over 50% of them have been mined and are on the market. What this limitation does is ensure that demand constantly increases and will usually outstrip the supply. Therefore if you can get in right now in terms of investing, you stand to do very well in the future once the final Bitcoins have been mined, and we must move on to other digital currencies.

Lack of Knowledge

Whilst there are some heavy hitting financial investors who are looking to invest in digital currency, there are still very few people who actually understand what cryptocurrency is and how successful it may be, more people need to learn how to buy bitcoin

This means that right now is there perfect time to get in before others do, in order to bag yourself a healthy profit later on down the line. Mark my words, this will be the end of cash as we know it and that makes this the perfect time to invest in the future.

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