How to Select the Best Coconut Oil for Your Food Enterprise

Whether you need coconut oil to make food products such as breakfast and energy bars or you need coconut oil for use in your restaurant or to make dessert or confectionery items, there’s no doubt that you should go for quality every time. With the proliferation of coconut oil suppliers on the market, you need to be careful when making your choice of supplier, since not all suppliers can provide you with the best products and the highest quality you are looking for. There are also a number of varieties when it comes to coconut oil, from virgin coconut oil to refined coconut oil and more. Here’s how to select the best coconut oil for your food enterprise.

  • Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil, especially organic virgin coconut oil, is arguably the best kind of coconut oil you can find. Virgin coconut oil comes directly from the meat of the coconut; the mature coconut meat is processed and the oil which comes out loaded with healthy fats is virgin coconut oil. No chemicals are used for the extraction of the oil from the coconut meat, so virgin coconut oil is coconut oil in its purest and most unadulterated form. You can easily distinguish virgin coconut oil from other coconut oils by its very distinctive coconut taste and flavour.

  • Extra virgin coconut oil

Any expert will tell you that there really is no extra virgin coconut oil – it is simply virgin coconut oil. There is no reason to pay for ‘extra’ virgin coconut oil because such a variant doesn’t really exist; it is basically the same as virgin coconut oil. That being said, beware of suppliers which tell you that they can provide you with extra virgin coconut oil – a good supplier will confirm that extra virgin coconut oil and virgin coconut oil are essentially one and the same. A good supplier of wholesale coconut oil will not even offer extra virgin coconut oil in the first place.

  • Refined coconut oil

Another type of coconut oil is refined coconut oil, and it’s not as pure as virgin coconut oil. But it is widely used for different food products and recipes, and the main reason why it’s favoured when mixed with other food ingredients is the fact that it doesn’t have the distinctive taste and flavour of coconut. Also, refined coconut oil is more commonly used for food products since it has less of a potential to cause allergic reactions which is good to avoid diseases, other good ways to do this is using supplements and treatments from sites as

When choosing a supplier for coconut oil, regardless if you need virgin coconut oil or refined coconut oil, make sure the supplier can provide you with good credentials as well as information regarding where their coconut oil is sourced, since many people use it for treating diseases as allergies, for more serious diseases as heart conditions and cancer there are health communities as Inspire that provide support for this.

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