Tools that businesses are using to keep up to date with technology

There are many business tools out there on the market for business that wish to keep up to date and in the present.  Some being software and some hardware, they are excellent ways to make a business more productive and make things generally easier on a day to day basis.  Take a look at just a few of these below:

Chromecast or screen share

Many companies instead of needing a huge projector dangling from the roof use some sort of screen sharing for meetings.  Some of them require buying a piece of hardware to plug into a HDMI slot on a TV, other Smart TVs come prepackaged with an app in which you can connect your laptop, phone or other device to extremely easily.  Businesses are using this in order to make presentations easier to prepare, wireless and much smoother.

Idea management software

Ideas are vital to businesses which is why idea management software is now huge with medium to large businesses.  Using the best innovation management software available businesses are basically able to gather ideas from all different areas and roles of the company in order to improve processes, products and many other things.  Ideas can go wrong very easily if not managed and planned correctly, so this software is huge right now among businesses.

Internal instant messenger

Many companies are using instant messaging within the company especially if the company functions over many different territories.  If you need the answer to a quick question from a certain employee, sometimes constructing, sending and waiting for a response from an email takes too long for something extremely small.  If businesses use internal programs such as skype for business there are advantages such as chat monitoring, auto sending conversation history and the ability to send documents with ease.

Worldwide online presentations

Thousands of companies that function in different areas of the world are presenting to all territories using online presentation tools.  Using these tools, they are able to send invites to select people within the company or companywide invitations and to which they must be responded to in order for the presenter to know how many people are going to be in the meeting.  A great feature of this is that the presenter can mute certain people, so everyone who is just there to listen can be muted, while for example, the project managers can cut in during the presentation because they aren’t muted.

End user monitoring software

Businesses are wanting to get the most out of their employees so they are employing the use of monitoring software.  It’s much easier to use software like this and ensure that your employees are behaving themselves that to stand behind them and watch them all the working day!  Using this type of software has been proven to improve productivity within the first months of it being installed onto company computers.


As you can see businesses are doing everything they can in order to make the day go smoother and to maximize their profit and productivity.

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