The Top Five Strategies to Employ to Increase Security in Your Warehouse

A warehouse is a unique place, very different from other structures, and because of this it often poses some unique challenges when it comes to safety and security. Thanks to its (often) large size, its organisation and the nature of the work that is done there, warehouses can be exposed to specific threats, such as break-ins or employee theft, which are found much less frequently in other establishments.

To ensure that these threats are kept to a minimum, some preventive measures have to be taken. Do you own or operate a warehouse or similar establishment? Here are the top five strategies to employ to increase security in your warehouse.

Background checks

Crimes that are committed against your institution or enterprise are often the work of people who are familiar with it; either people living in the neighbourhood, people who come into contact with your establishment, who often pass by, and unfortunately, also people who work there or used to work there. The screening of your employees is therefore very important.

Make sure that before you hire anyone, you do a background check – finding out about their employment history, education, references (and so on) can often give you a much better perspective regarding how (or if) they might fit into your company.

Limited access

If you have a big area to control, it’s necessary to split it into parts. Not everyone needs access to every part of the working area; an employee might need access only to the area assigned to him or her. Restriction of access allows you to manage the floor much better, and it ensures another layer of security measures.


Closed circuit TV works – often its mere presence acts as a deterrent, both inside the premises and outside on the grounds, as confirmed by Oxford security specialists Securipol. It helps prevention, as well as detection and clarification if ever something untoward happens.

Secure valuables

There may be some valuables – some ‘hot’ items – and these should be stored securely. Again, limited access can accomplish a lot.

Combine measures

Think of security as a way of drawing concentric circles around your valuables. Think of it as creating different virtual walls that trespassers, thieves, and burglars or vandals have to surpass. The more measures you have in place, the safer you are.

Here’s the great thing about security measures: the whole is much more valuable than the sum of its parts; different measures taken together complement each other in such a way that they form layers and a kind of network – it would require very specific insider knowledge and a lot of planning to breach all of the security measures taken. Often many little adjustments can make a very big difference.

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