Basic SEO for small start-ups

SEO plays an important part of online marketing and if done correctly SEO can be an easy way to get more traffic to your site which in turn gets your more customers, a lot of companies can help you with this like the SEO expert atlanta. For small start-ups the importance of SEO can not be stressed enough, not only does it help you identify keywords and increases brand awareness it also helps business owners open up their brand to a wider audience but social signals will help as well. There a number of sites and free tools available to help small businesses and start-ups to get the most out of their online business, this post was created to help business owners understand the importance of SEO and how they can use it to it’s maximum potently to improve business and increase customers.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

The first step to implementing an effective SEO strategy is to understand why you need it, there’s not much point in doing something because your competitors are doing or because a digital marketer told you that you need it. Moz simply describes SEO as the tool that helps search engines identify what each page on your website is about, over the years SEO has become increasingly complicated due to google’s introduction of Panda and Penguin. These introductions by google were designed to get rid of the loopholes that marketers use to gain backlinks on irrelevant sites. So, if you are considering SEO for your business the first thing you need to do is to find out why they need it and what it can do for their business.


One you have a basic idea of SEO and it’s importance to online business then the next step would be to find out exactly how you can make google and your customers notice your blog or website. A fast and easy way to do this is to is to identify your competitor’s keywords and apply the relevant ones to your business. Identifying and tracking your keywords enables you to determine what type of content you need to create in order to attract your target audience. For example, If you own an SEO agency in Manchester then one of the most common phrases people are most likely to enter into search engines would be ‘SEO Services Manchester’. The main point of using keywords in your SEO effort is not to attract new customers but to attract the right customers.


Maybe not at the start but once you have been in SEO for a while you will understand the importance of building relationships and interacting with your audience and your peers. Firstly, you have to build a relationship with other bloggers, reply to comments online, begin conversations on Facebook, answer questions on twitter. Once you have been established as a company that interacts with customers and other industry people online you can start reaching out to other bloggers for guest posting opportunities, writing guest posts gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an influencer in the field and after a while of doing it you might even get offers for interviews from other bloggers that are also trying to establish themselves.

Social Media Presence

Building a social media presence is a given, new business need to establish a strong social media presence because it helps the growth of a start-up. In order to build a strong social media presence you need to be a social butterfly, this means you need to be on every social media platform that your customers of target audience use. Once you get on these platforms offer them things that they wouldn’t get any where else, be it products or services, gifts or competition, the latest in tech or the latest news.

Register your business

Once you are all set up with a website and a physical address you should register with google, bing, yahoo and any other popular webmaster along with a sitemap. This is important because it is your way of letting search engines know about your website and your location(s).

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